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0900 - 513 80 39
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Cooperative General practice center Rijnland (SHR)

Alrijne ziekenhuis

Urgency post  Alrijne Hospital Alphen

Simon Smitweg 2
2353 GA Leiderdorp

Always call the central number on forehand: 0900-513 80 39.

Driving directions

From The Hague
You van reach the Alrijne Hospital via the A4, Exit 6. Do you come from the direction of The Hague, then five roundabouts will follow.
At the first roundabout you turn left (you take the third exit); At the second roundabout you turn left (first exit); At the third roundabout you go straight ahead (second exit); At the fourth exit you also go straight (second exit); Now you drive into Leiderdorp (Persant Snoepweg). You turn left at the fifth roundabout (third exit). From here you can follow the signs to the parking lot.

From Amsterdam
Do you come from the A4, take the first exit that indicates Leiderdorp. At the end of the exit is a roundabout. There you turn right towards Leiderdorp. At the next roundabout you turn left and hereafter you turn right into the Persant Snoepweg (Leiderdorp). At the roundabout you turn left end then you can follow the signs to the parking lot.

From N11
Do you come from the N11, follow the signs towards Leiderdorp. Then you enter the A4, from this highway you take Exit 6. Drive further as described above at “From The Hague”.

Other directions
If you come from other directions, than follow the signs towards Leiderdorp. The hospital is clearly indicated at the blue signs of the ANWB.

You can park your car for a charge in the parking lot. At parking lot P1 are several parking spaces reserved for people with disabled parking permit. For this parking spaces you also need to pay.

Parking fees
First 30 minutes: free*
Per 58 minutes (or a part of this time): €1,20 (maximal daily rate:  €5,00)**
A day ticket: €5,00
Day ticket 7 days: €25,00 (with this card you can use the parking lot for seven consecutive days. The card is active from the moment you use the card for the first time. The card valid for one year.). When you enter the parking lot you draw a card. Before you return to your car, you insert the card into one of the payment machines in the hall at the ground floor.

* the machine indicates no payment is required.
** the machine indicates how much you have to pay. You can pay cash or with your chip card. After payment the machine returns your card. Then you have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot.

Public transport

You can reach the Alrijne Hospital easily with the public transport. For the current timetable, we refer to the website and/or the website In addition, you can plan your trip at these websites from door to door.


Within the Leidse region you can travel with the OV cab. It can pick you up at home and drop you off in front the hospital. If desired, the OV cab can also bring you back. The OV cab drives with passenger cars and vans that are accessable for weelchairs and have a low entrance. You have to order the OV cab at least one hour in advance. Telephone number 0900 – 202 23 68 (also for information about ticket prices and discount arrangements) Visicom (for the hearing-impared) 038 – 339 48 92.

The foundation Cooperative General Practitioner services Rijnland (SHR) is HKZ certified since 2008 and NEN7510 certified since 2015.

For people who want to obtain information about their own health the Dutch GP Society (NHG) has opened the website

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